5 Powerful Tips That Will Put You in Position for Crowdfunding Success!

The following is a guest post from Aaron Djekic CEO of CrowdClan, an industry leading crowdfunding resource. Djekic discusses five important tips that will help put you in position for a successful crowdfunding campaign.

  1. Focus on creatively approaching your audience. Banality is the bane of crowdfunding. Gather as many ideas as you can, weighing the pros and cons of each. Anticipate reluctance and refusal among your customer segments. Plan to encounter (and overcome) obstacles like communication barriers, financial limitations, economic conditions, and foreign policies.
  2. The more planning you do, the better prepared you will be overall. Keep in sight the fact your campaign must create value for its supporters. The end-goal may be to fund your own ambitions, but donors and investors need to see value too. How you do this is up to you entirely, but remember that clearly defined benefits are much more convincing.
  3. To gain perspective, assess your competition’s market position. Do not ignore the happenings in your industry either. As unpredictable as the market may seem, research can locate openings that benefit you. In terms of competitive analysis, pick apart other companies’ brands, offerings, and infrastructures. Learn from their mistakes and successes.
  4. During your investigation, trace your market’s upward and downward trends, both in terms of monetary and social value. Since you calculated your budget earlier, you can now attend to the social fads around you. For instance, which hashtags perform best in your industry? What content goes viral? How hostile is the environment? Leverage this knowledge to the best of your ability.
  5. Lastly, communities regulate their own languages, so build ethos accordingly. To some extent, it is acceptable to use multiple personas in order to diversify your customer segments so long as the campaign ties back to an overarching brand and objective. As a rule, never deceive or manipulate – only negativity can come from this.

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