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Meet    Malaysia’s leading urban apparel retailer,  Major Drop, who are giving young people and millennials in Southeast Asia, and all around the world, a platform to truly express themselves.Best of both worlds

In a recent survey carried out by Microsoft and Retail Week, 49% of people between the ages of 25 and 34 prefer shopping online. While the physical store remains the average consumer’s way to shop for clothing, fashion e-commerce is becoming increasingly popular among young adults and millennials.

Major Drop understands this, and have used this premise to develop  their  business as they look to cover all bases of fashion retail both offline and online. Whether you are heading to the store and trying on your favourite brands, or browsing the online catalogue from the comfort of your own home.

The youth

Major Drop, in its essence caters to young adults, and in many ways define how Malaysian and Southeast Asian young adults are  expressing themselves in what they wear. Major Drop brings the best Western streetwear to Southeast Asia, as well as promoting upcoming  Malaysian and Southeast Asian streetwear brands. 

Having been founded by a group of young entrepreneurs whom are bursting with creativity, they are the perfect fit for the fashion and apparel  world. They  started the business due to the fact that they saw a real demand among the youth in  Southeast Asia. A demand for streetwear and clothing that  defines pop culture  today. They saw this void in the market, and capitalized on it.

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Meet the founders

 We   caught up with the  CEO,  Lim Sheng Feixiang , to see if we could find out a little more about  why you should own shares in this up and coming streetwear brand:


 Q1: What makes Major Drop unique a proposition?

Streetwear retail is a dynamic and growing industry here in Southeast Asia – particularly Malaysia. We’re driven by a very unique target market, millennials and young adults, who are thirsty for exclusive brands that are as enticing as they are exclusive. We are continuously  developing a strong clicks  and mortar  model, creating a holistic shopping experience for all our customers.  From a community point of view, streetwear is a sizeable market with many brands emerging from Southeast Asia. Major Drop aims to be the leading online and offline store that hosts these brands for the community to enjoy.”

 Q2:  What will a successful raise mean   for Major Drop? 

“The funds will assist us in accelerating our growth and expansion plans. With E-Commerce  continuously evolving, and we aim to  improve the way we service, communicate and add value to our customers.  This investment will also allow us  a means initiate  more exciting and fun initiatives to promote the Major Drop brand across  Southeast Asia through events and great partnerships across the region.”

 Q3:  Do you plan on expanding past Southeast Asia & Malaysia?         

“Most definitely! We’ve received fantastic reception for  the brands and products we offer  within the region and only hope to replicate this  as we adapt the site and deliver in the native language of each country we are present in.  As soon as we cover Southeast Asia, it’s the world!”

Q4: What gives Major Drop an edge over other apparel retailers?

“Beyond being a global platform for customers from all around the world to find the best street-lifestyle brands, our edge exists in our continuous improvement to the online site in order to deliver greater value to our customers. We listen to our customers by constantly  engaging and  seeking new ways to create the perfect click and mortar concept.”

Q5: Where do you see Major Drop in the next few years?

“We see Major Drop as being the leading  multi-brand street-lifestyle store; recognized by our peers in Asia Pacific and the West as a force to be reckoned with, and an entity worth partnering with. Having stores in other countries would be another exciting feat, in order to connect with different communities that we can call family too.”

What is evident is that the  Major Drop team  have the youthfulness and fashion know-how  to run a successful clothing business. They are passionate entrepreneurs, with a love for streetwear. They are millennials  that are aiming to define how the youth in  Malaysia, and Southeast Asia, express  themselves through fashion.  Successfully reaching their funding target  on Eureeca would allow them to  make  Major Drop  not only a  Southeast Asian  brand, but a global provider of the very best  urban clothing.

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