A Delicious Investment: Artizzan Non Dairy Cheeze Now Seeking $360,000 through Eureeca Funding Round


Artizzan Cheeze, a Dubai based company and the first of its kind in the region, to create Artizzan Cheeze that is completely dairy, gluten and additive free is now seeking $360,000 through itsequity crowdfunding campaign on Eureeca.

Launched in November 2016, the company revealed that its mission is to “Go international with their speciality product, targeting beyond the UAE into the UK and Europe”.

“From Smoked “Cheddar” to Boursin style cream cheese, we specialize in creating the creamiest, the most delicious non dairy cheezes across the globe. Using popular local spices we have created 25 types of exotic cheeze options that have never been created or experienced before.”

“We have already been internationally acclaimed for the unique varieties and heavenly taste of our cheezes, suitable for all palettes. Together we can take our unique delicious and cruelty free offerings global!”

Artizzan Cheeze also explained why it is unique to investors:

  • The founder has invested USD 200,000 to get the customer offering “right” and create a breakthrough product that is already in the market and has a loyal following!
  • We are totally on trend.  If anything we are right at the beginning of this Conscious Eating Movement that is sweeping across the world. Be part of this rapidly growing movement globally
  • 65% of the global population (7.6 billion)  is lactose intolerant which makes the current global intolerant population to be 4.9 billion.  The number of dairy intolerant population in 2018 in the UAE is 1 million. (Source:Wikipedia, Market Research Future, Vegetarian Resource Group (VRG), veganbits.com, foodrevelation.org, riseofthevegan.com)
  • Total Addressable Market (TAM) in the UAE (people willing to pay for premium non dairy cheeze) is USD 10 million
  • In 2016 the global dairy free market was worth USD 2 billion and in 2024 the dairy free market is projected to be worth USD 4 billion. Representing a growth rate of 7.6% per annum (Source: ( Variant Market Research)
  • You will be instrumental in taking this cruelty free, great tasting, unique product global
  • Our unique cheezes not only taste good but are actually GOOD for you! Since they include no nasties
  • A perfectly clean healthy product for those suffering from lactose, dairy, gluten intolerance
  • No competitors on the market yet
  • We are constantly innovating and creating new cheezes almost every day
  • We are looking to increase our product offerings to Dairy free yoghurts, butters and mayonnaise

Artizzan Cheeze stated it is focused on

  • Achieving 8% (USD 800,000) of the USD 10 million UAE Total Addressable Market  in the first year
  • Subsequently increasing revenues by 20% year on year
  • Year one: Penetrating UAE market
  • Year two: Entering and capturing the GCC market
  • Year three to five: Entering and capturing the UK, Europe and US

Artizzan Cheeze added that the funds from the equity crowdfunding campaign will be used toward:

  • Dedicated kitchen to meet market demand. Currently we have outgrown the premises we are in, as the demand has outgrown the supply
  • New hires and salaries
  • R&D and training to keep on innovating our offerings in taste and texture as well as to expand into other product lines
  • Working capital to cover receivables, payables and inventory

Since its debut on the 4th Sep 2018, the funding round has successfully secured more than $29k from  16 investors (in  just under 24 hours).

It is set to close  on the 5th December 2018.

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