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We are now offering crowdfunding insurance from AIG

Posted by Hayden Pirkle on May 24, 2016 6:33:45 PM

Here's some exciting crowdfunding news: We're pleased to announce that we're the first crowdfunding platform in the world to offer Crowdfunding Fidelity, a crowdfunding insurance policy from American International Group (AIG) that protects investors against issuer theft.  

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We're Partnered with STEP  Conference 2016. Get your tickets!

Posted by Hayden Pirkle on Mar 22, 2016 9:17:49 AM

We're super excited to have joined the STEP Conference 2016 as a Community Partner.  STEP 2016, which will be held at the  Dubai International Marine Club on April 4-5, is the  largest tech festival in the MENA region . It's going to be an epic gathering all things tech, startup, and investing.

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Healthy Living & Cleantech Pitch Night Recap

Posted by Hayden Pirkle on Mar 1, 2016 12:50:28 PM

The 2016 Eureeca Pitch Night  calendar started off with a bang last week in Dubai  with our   spring edition, entitled  Healthy Living &  Cleantech  .    The event featured pitches from three  businesses, either raising or soon to be raising on Eureeca,  from a number of promising growth sectors including cleantech, healthcare, corporate wellness, and the Internet of Things (IoT).  

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Q&A with FindMeHealth founder and  CEO Mark Ratnarajah

Posted by Hayden Pirkle on Jan 27, 2016 7:44:00 AM

Photo: Mark Ratnarajah of FindMeHealth

FindMeHealth is the first healthcare-related business to raise on the Eureeca platform. Healthcare is one of the most popular sectors among professional investors in markets such as the US and Europe so we're particularly excited to offer the UK-based  FindMeHealth  to our investor network. We had a chat with   founder and CEO Mark Ratnarajah to help shed light on FindMeHealth and how they are attempting to disrupt the UK healthcare sector.

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Private capital markets: Where the real ROI is

Posted by Hayden Pirkle on Jan 24, 2016 11:37:03 AM

Source: Andreessen Horowitz

There has been, over the past 20 years or so, a big shift in where the bulk of returns are created by some of the world's most prominent tech businesses. Larger inflows capital into private markets -- that is, more money being invested in private companies -- means that these businesses are remaining private for longer; they’re delaying their initial public offerings (IPOs) because they don’t need the money that IPOs generate.

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New Feature: Pre-raised Capital Indication

Posted by Hayden Pirkle on Jan 13, 2016 2:40:09 PM
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7 Tips to Make Your Equity Crowdfunding Campaign Stand Out

Posted by Hayden Pirkle on Dec 14, 2015 9:14:25 AM

Equity crowdfunding has changed the game of SME finance.

Once you've determined equity crowdfunding  is right for your business, the question of how to successfully crowdfund it remains. there are several proven ways to make your crowdfunding for equity campaign stand out.

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Eureeca Pitch Night: Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs

Posted by Hayden Pirkle on Dec 7, 2015 11:58:54 AM


November 19th marked Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, a UN-sanctioned day of celebrating and supporting women in business. In honor of this important day, we decided to center the second installment of the Eureeca Pitch Night series around strong female founders from the Eureeca corridor of investment.

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Homes or Houses smashes Eureeca record for largest raise

Posted by Hayden Pirkle on Nov 19, 2015 2:30:56 PM

Update (13/01/16):  The Homes or Houses campaign closed today and raised a total of   $611,000 (151% funded).

Homes or Houses, a UK-based real estate business that specializes in the sourcing and renting of properties for expatriates and foreign buyers investing in UK property, has smashed the Eureeca record for largest raise

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