Build a killer startup with Hipster CEO

Ever watched a show like Dragon’s Den or Shark Tank and thought that you’d make a great CEO? Hipster CEO allows you to prove that you’re the next Mark Zuckerberg by growing your business from a tiny dorm room startup to a global tech powerhouse. And look totally trendy while you’re doing it, mustache and all.

Dublin-based company, Getchoo Creations,  spawned Hipster CEO – an app that will allow you the chance to take a (virtual) startup from your dorm room all the way to the top of the tech world. Players will need to build an innovative product, nail sales and marketing and keep their staff happy in order to succeed.


“Having worked in the startup scene for the past six years, I’m used to people telling me about these ideas for apps and startups they think would make them millionaires. I wanted to give them the opportunity to prove just how good at running a startup they think they’d be – and Hipster CEO does just that.” said Gerard Kelly, the app’s creator. “Running a startup is one big balancing act and there are challenges involved that you couldn’t imagine – until you play the game!”


Some of the features Hipster CEO offers are:

  • A number of tech products to develop, from social networks like Facebook to music streaming like Spotify
  • A number of different office types as you level up – go from your dorm room to your very own company campus
  • Kit your office out with pool tables, fancy canteens and kegs to keep a smile on your staff’s faces
  • Handle investors and try to not lose control of your company
  • Compete against other Hipster CEOs from around the world with the online leader board

The app is available on the App Store for EUR 2.69/USD 2.99/GBP 1.99.

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