Business travel hacks

 Hello summer! While your timelines may be flooded with pictures of your friends documenting their holidays with cheery hashtagsand clichéd touristy photos, you might be stuck in a plane heading to a meeting. Worry not, here are some tips to make your business trip a little less cumbersome and help you feel like you’re hitting the road in comfort and style.

Do your research and pack wisely

If you’re travelling to a foreign country, nothing can be more infuriating than running out of juice right before a massive pitch. Do your research and carry travel adapters suited to the host country you’re travelling to. Countryplug will give you all the information you need about power sources and plug points in all major cities across the globe. If you pack really smartly, you will only need to get one adapter for your laptop and you can then charge your phones and tablets through your laptop’s nifty usb ports. Also, stock up on lightweight tech that lasts. Don’t drain your phone or laptop battery on the flight. Keep a tablet handy for some light reading or movie watching on the flight so that way your phone’s all powered up and ready to tackle the workday ahead of you from the second you land. Hank Green has 17 tips on how to make your travel day as comfortable as possible:

Load up on applications

For many people today, working on the road is easy as long as they have a solid internet connection and a powerful phone or tablet that lasts. Remember how we said pack wisely? That applies to your electronics as well. The latest mobile devices are loaded with applications that will help increase your efficiency and reduce your baggage weight on the road.

Most smartphones come with a decent camera, so leave yours at home. You can also make use of cloud storage apps like Dropbox to store all your documents and pictures. Remember to automatically upload your photos to Dropbox so that your holiday ephemera actually lasts in the cloud. If anything, you could end up creating a blog about your phone camera’s upload function.

Is your trip strictly business? Card Munch is an app for iPhone that scans business cards and integrates seamlessly with LinkedIn, turning all your scanned business cards into contacts almost instantaneously.

Expensify is an expense report app that will keep your travel spending and reimbursable business expenditures in check. You can scan receipts or import them from Evernote so you will never have to carry around crumpled receipts in your wallet again!

Prepare to achieve your goals

In order to be absolutely productive this business trip, preparation is key. Take some time beforehand to do some research on (not stalk) the people you are going to meet and in the arena in which they operate. Make an agenda of business meetings, lunches and dinners, and stick to it!

Stick to a routine

A trip isn’t an excuse to fall off the bandwagon. Take advantage of the hotel’s gyms and pools to stay on track of your fitness regime. If a gym isn’t available, take a walk around the block, and don’t forget to scrimp on the sinfully delicious conference hall desserts.

Keep in touch

Take a little time out of your day to Skype home with your friends and loved ones. Sometimes a familiar face is the only pick me up you need.

Safe travels!

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