Eureeca Receives the FCA Stamp of Approval

Meet Chris and Sam Founders of Eureeca

After nearly a year-long application process, Eureeca has finally received regulatory approval from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the UK’s financial regulator. The approval is a huge step for us at Eureeca, as it means that our systems and investor protection controls have passed the vigorous scrutiny applied by the FCA, one of the world’s premier financial regulatory bodies.

“This is a landmark development for Eureeca, and we are very pleased that our systems and investor protection controls passed the rigorous scrutiny applied by the FCA,” said Chris Thomas, Co-founder and CEO of Eureeca.

“As crowdfunding is estimated to have raised over $5 billion in 2014 alone, and with the size of this market projected to reach $90 billion in ten years, the potential in this space is clearly enormous,” he added. “With the new regulation and the credibility it provides, Eureeca will become more appealing to institutional investors and family offices, and interest from these investors will open doors to funding larger SMEs with bigger requirements.”

Aside from officially highlighting the high standard of our investor protection controls, which have been regulation-ready since Eureeca’s inception, the approval opens up a number of cross-continent opportunities for our crowd of investors as well as SMEs in the region and the UK.

“UK- and Europe-based SMEs with ambitions of entering the Gulf can now access capital and expertise from investors in the region,” said Sam Quawasmi, co-founder and Managing Director of Eureeca. “By engaging with local investors and obtaining local capital these SMEs would have an easier time with their expansion plans. In the same vein, businesses in the Middle East seeking to expand into the UK will be able to secure capital through investors there.”

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