Eureeca’s all grown up: Introducing our new logo

Pioneering has always been in our blood here at Eureeca. We were early adherents to a new financial technology and inaugurated our company by introducing equity crowdfunding to a completely untapped market. Now, having established ourselves as one of the top alternative finance options for investors and entrepreneurs in the Middle East and North Africa, we’re looking to continue that track-record of trendsetting.

This year we’re expanding our brand to Malaysia, creating a pipeline of talent and capital between MENA and Southeast Asia. We’re on the frontlines of global equity crowdfunding at a time when traditional financial institutions are showing their limitations, and at a time when international commerce is unlocking completely new markets.

In short, equity crowdfunding is now a major world player, and its future is bright. And that’s why we here at Eureeca felt it was a good time to update our user experience to further reflect that forward movement.

And we’re starting that process with a new look: A logo. A logo we hope truly represents our brand as we enter and connect new markets and regions.

A look at Eureeca’s new logo.

What does the new logo mean? Excellent question: The three colors represent businesses, investors, and the equity crowdfunding model. These are the fundamental components that form the backbone of

Imagine: The streaking colors running in parallel into a vibrant field of blue represents how the essential components of equity crowdfunding—investors and entrepreneurs—must work side-by-side to prosper. The stripes race forward into the field of blue, where they combine, symbolically representing how equity crowdfunding is, at its core, a community.

The logo also symbolizes our rapid expansion to new frontiers, with the large dark blue element spreading over new markets, represented by the small pill-shaped elements.

This is just the first in a long sequence of updates that are just around the corner for and our community.

Join us as we continue to break down barriers and change the way people invest and raise funds—we’re just getting started.

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