How do you raise money for your startup?

There’s no right way to raise money for your startup. Today, entrepreneurs are presented more opportunities than ever before through legal reform, crowdfunding’s rise in popularity, and AngelList’s democratization of fundraising. Learn how these founders did it.

How to Raise Money as a First Time Founder

Wade Foster – CEO & Co-Founder, ZapierRaising money as a first time founder can be overwhelming. Here’s everything I wish I knew before I started. read more

How Dan Pink Invested in iDoneThis

Walter Chen – CEO & Co-Founder, iDoneThisThere’s a huge gap between loving a free product and paying for a product, much less investing money in the product. That’s what had me daunted, and after the pitch on the phone, I thought I’d blown an incredible opportunity to get Dan on board. But then, Dan started following up with questions. read more

How to Win Grant Money to Fund Your Startup

Kevin Dewalt – Founder, SoHelpful.meGrants are not new or sexy but startups get billions of dollars every year from them. But before you blindly fill out an application take the time to build the relationships that will give you the best chance to get funded. read more

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