Introducing the Confidential Raise by Eureeca

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Here at Eureeca we are constantly looking at new ways to improve deal flow by offering both our entrepreneurs and investors a safe and secure channel of communication and a robust yet flexible platform for doing business. Listening carefully to our clients feedback is key to improving our product offering in a way that benefits our entire equity crowdfunding ecosystem. With entrepreneurs increasingly looking for new ways to qualify investors and protect their intellectual property, we have launched a new exclusive deal type never seen before on Eureeca – the Confidential Raise.Request access to the first Confidential RaiseA new way to campaign

The Confidential Raise is an invite-only product that allows entrepreneurs to keep all their funding details anonymous whilst campaigning on the platform. Only those investors who have been invited or accepted by the entrepreneur onto the private funding proposal will be given access to the full deal including  business plan, funding target and amount raised. The entrepreneur maintains complete control over the process and the campaign status will not be made available to the public at any point during the 90-day campaign.

Whilst this product creates a sense of exclusivity by enabling entrepreneurs to qualify leads,  restrict access to intellectual property,  and funding information, the product can reduce investor participation in the deal due to limited traffic to the deal. The Confidential Raise   is  also more expensive than a Conventional Raise.

Will it work for you?

Please drop us a line on  to find out whether  the Confidential Raise  is   better suited  to you and your business, than the traditional  Conventional Raise.

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