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Did you know that the global wedding industry is estimated to be worth over 300 billion dollars? Yet there are very little  modern solutions to planning a wedding! Read about how aim to capitalize on this and become Malaysia’s No.1 wedding website…

What is it?

In it’s  essence,   is  the modern solution to wedding planning, and has gained serious popularity in Malaysia.

Using the platform, you can get wedding inspiration and connect with wedding vendors.  Brides and grooms-to-be can search for photographers, make-up artists,  caterers,  wedding  dresses,  cakes, flowers and much more on one platform.

Traditional wedding planning vs.

Traditionally,  planning a wedding can  be stressful  and time consuming. That’s not to say  brides-to-be don’t  enjoy the process, but  whether you like it or not, it takes a lot of time and effort  to plan a dream wedding.

 First you need to hire a wedding planner. According to Costhelper, most people pay   around $1,500   per day to hire a wedding planner, while a full wedding planning service could cost anywhere between $5,000 to more than $10,000, depending on experience and demand.  In addition, you could spend weeks, or sometimes months, trying to find a venue, a photographer,  a band, a florist, a caterer and more. As well as visiting  all of these places  and trying out different things, it’s an all consuming process, and  one that you need to start at least 8 months before your wedding.

What have done is simplify the process.  The platform is your free wedding planner.  There is no need to pay  thousands of dollars when you can  access’s  interactive platform and  plan your own wedding with just a few clicks of a button.  As we mentioned before, the website  offers tons of helpful resources such as reviews, blogs, recommended  photographers, make up artists, venues and more. 

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 Meet the founders

In order  to get  inside’s proposal,  we caught up with  co-founder Stanley  Chai  to discuss all things


Q1: What makes a unique proposition? 

 “Weddings are a niche, yet huge market, where people are willing to spend large amounts of money for a once-in-a-lifetime event. The market is promising because hundreds of thousands of vendors are serving the industry across 20 different categories. With  minimum start-up funds we have managed in six months to develop an entire platform,  as well as build brand awareness and acquire about 20% of available Malaysian vendors. These milestones reflect our capabilities, so imagine how far we could go if we get funded!”

Q2: What will successfully completing a funding round with Eureeca  do for you?

 “Once we  successfully reach our target, we can start executing our marketing strategy to grow our business in the way we want, this essentially revolves around recruitment to increase market penetration and system enhancement to bring more value to our members.”

Q3:  Why have you decided to use equity crowdfunding as your  funding route?

 “The main reason for using equity crowdfunding as our funding route is that we are able to access Eureeca’s  international investor community.  We  are also opening our doors to all our customers, professional vendors and channel partners to share in our success.

Q4: Who are your competitors and what gives you the edge?

 “In general, we have very few direct competitors but of the ones that exist they are built with different features, and are moving in different directions. In terms of features, has everything in place, from advertising  to our marketplace, to a comprehensive and interactive platform ready to pamper our valued members. Our intention has always been to help couples in planning, and that is why we are building several planning tools. Technically speaking, our system is designed in such a way that we are prepared to face any and every upcoming challenge.”

Q5:  Is this your first venture as an entrepreneur?

 “No, I  started my own software company as a business development director in 2012. In order to fulfill my dream, I quit the software company and ventured into setting up a new start-up to hold my platform.”

Q6:  Finally where do you see in the next few years?

“If everything stays on the right track according to what we have planned, we are confident to say, we will be the No.1 Malaysian wedding platform in the next 2-3 years. Every couple will visit  for their wedding plans, whether they need a specific product, service or  even inspiration  for their dream wedding. We are already making good headway in the Malaysian wedding sector, and we don’t want to stop there as we look to enter into other  lifestyle verticals!”

The team definitely have the technological expertise to develop the platform into  Malaysia’s No.1 wedding destination. All the ingredients are in place to allow them to succeed but what’s missing is the necessary funds that will  take the platform to the next level, and successfully getting funded on Eureeca    would allow them to  develop their winning platform into a winning business.

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