Search in MENA provides big returns for investors on Eureeca


Search in MENA, a Dubai-based B2B online marketplace, closed a $140,000 investment round on Eureeca in 2014. Flash forward a year, and it is the first business to raise funds on the platform to provide Eureeca crowdinvestors with an exit.Through a share buyback, participating shareholders were able to exit with 150% profits on their one-year investment; that is, a $10,000 investment returned $25,000. Not too shabby, indeed.

While the exit is of course great news for the investors who exited, it’s also an exciting development for everyone interested in investing through Eureeca, as it is hard evidence of the high returns that can be generated when you do so.

“This is a resounding endorsement of the high-yielding returns that can potentially be generated by investing in businesses on the Eureeca platform, and it effectively addresses concerns around how people can get their capital out of investments in the equity crowdfunding space,” said Eureeca co-founder Sam Quawasmi.

And Search in MENA has no plans of slowing down.

“We see enormous potential for the growth of our offering, as 85% of the region’s businesses are still not online. The very healthy returns that we were able to provide many of our shareholders are indicative of this potential starting to be reached for Search in MENA. We are confident we will continue to be able to deliver strong returns, as we look to build on our ambition to become the Alibaba of the Middle East,” said Search in MENA founder Salim Akil.

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